by Winslow Dumaine

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Agelast is the third and final part of my comedy triptych, an artistic exploration of my personal downfall. Agelast is composed of two longer form tracks that explore startlingly dark and personal subjects with a grim levity. My goal here was to make the bleak and absurd more relatable to the outsider by identifying the causes of my stress and expressing them to the listener with aching honesty. While I wanted to make the audience relate to me, I wanted to push them away as well, with nonsequitors and muttered bitterness, driving home the isolating nature of mental illness. I wanted to be seen on stage as a man at his lowest and most detached moment, detailing the wild, terrifying existence that he faces every day.

Over the past few years, I have worked to draw humor from dread, grief, heartbreak, and isolation, and this is the greatest of my efforts.

I will compile this with the two other EPs and release them as a physical CD later this year. The album will be called Whimper and Bang.


released June 30, 2016



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Winslow Dumaine Omaha, Nebraska

I'm a writer, photographer and an amateur journalist. Talk to me if you want to know more.

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